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Same issue with ours, at 1200 miles ad-blue warning came on left it go until 2200 miles, added 10 liters purchased from Nissan. Now on 3600 miles the warning light as come on again !

Nisan paperwork states 17 liter tank 7000 miles, works out at 411 miles per liter.

My math tell me I'm getting 2500 miles per 10 liter, which works out about 4300 for 17 liters.

Spoke to LFE Service today, apparently there was a Nissan ad-blue course last week where they were told it could alter if the vehicle was driven hard. Same with another dealer there demo is doing around 2000 miles per 10 liters !!!

So have been told to fill to the brim and do mileage checks.. utter ******** !
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