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Originally Posted by quavey View Post
It would be interesting to know how you get on.

I have also got a lob sided rear bumper, been like that since delivery its not horrific but still annoying. Infact its annoying the **** out of me at the moment, was totally frozen on the inside as the door seals empty water into its self if parked on a slope and I cant understand why it takes 15 minutes of driving to get any warm air from it to help with the demist.

Plus I had to help the drivers window back up twice today as it was so slow. Its not a tight weather seal as it makes no attempt to clear any water from the window if you do drop the window. So freezing cold as the heaters are rubbish, have to drop windows to be able to see properly. Great with a 1 year old in the back!
Mine is the same electric window painfully slow has are the other windows.

Demist is worst I've ever had in any vehicle.

Took 20 minutes in the demo too, the front screen was dripping with condensation.
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