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Warning Lights

This morning on startup various warning lights illuminated and didn't go off, a couple seconds later the warning light for the radar sensor came on. I've turned it off and left it to settle but on startup still illuminate. I've driven a couple miles and seems fine but lights still on.
I've had a lot of work recently, beacon fitted, rear lights fitted, cctv fitted and all was fine after that. Latest addition was a CANM8 device to detect high/low beam selection and send a signal to relay to operate led lights. After installing everything worked fine and as expected except for some interference noise on the radio when on high beam.
I've checked all the fuses on the vehicle and all Ok.
I've unplugged the CANM8, but no difference. I've also removed all additional devices power source from the battery and still these lights are on.
Now the CANM8 connects in via the OBD Socket wires. I've used Scotchlock devices to splice into wire.

With the wires to the CanM8 attaching in via spade connectors.
Could this CANM8 splicing cause the problem I'm seeing, or could it just be errors that need reset using Nissan Diagnostic software?

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