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NP300 (2015 - present)

Questions & Answers (all variants)

Got a problem with your Navara NP 300? Please request help here, hopefully one of us can help.
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Questions & Answers (X-Class)

Because we all know it’s really a Nissan
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How To Guides

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Interior Modifications

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Service & Recall Info

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D40 & Pathfinder (2005 - 2015)

Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)

Got a problem with your D40 Navara? Please request help here, hopefully one of us can help.
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Questions & Answers (V9X 3.0 V6 Diesel)

Got a problem with your 3.0 V6 Navara? Please request help here, hopefully one of us can help.
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Questions & Answers (Pathfinder)

For all those with Nissan's 'hatchback' version of the Navara
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How To Guides

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Interior Modifications

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Service & Recall Info

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D22 & D21 (1985 - 2010)

Questions & Answers (YD25 & TD25 2.5 Diesel)

Got a problem with your D22 Navara? Please request help here, hopefully one of us can help.
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Questions & Answers (D21 & Datsun 750)

Pre 'Navara' branded pickups made by Nissan
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How To Guides

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Interior Modifications

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Service & Recall Info

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Off Topic Section

Navara Chat

For all Navara, pickup and 4x4 related chat that doesn't fit anywhere else
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General Chat

The place for 'everything else'. Anything that isn't related to the Navara. The local pub of the chat forum. Keep it clean, this is a family forum
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Caravanning/Touring/Camping Etc

Discuss caravans, fifth wheel trailers, motorhomes, camper vans, demountables, tents etc.
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Reviews & Useful Links

Reviews for products, mechanics, dealers or anything else related to your truck.
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Events, Meets & Off-roading Stories

Please discuss any meet ups, camping out etc with your Navara
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Have A Rant

Complain and get angry until your heart is content - we can't guarantee replies though!
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For sale

Sell your Navara/Pathfinder or related bits and bobs here
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Are you looking for a certain something, or have something to swap?
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Members Discounts

Special offers and discounts from our sponsors and retailers.
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Group Buys

A place to set up group buys for accessories/parts/supplies etc.
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Insurance Section

This section contains Insurance services and information for members.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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  1. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    Hi All, I have a non aircon model so in the compressor's place there is a dummy pulley, I guess it allows the same belt to fitted etc. Though the pulley is starting to wobble and certainly on its way out. I am struggling to find a replacement, does anyone have a part number or where I can...
  2. Introduce yourself
    I have a 2015 navara 2.5 dci..had a problem with a faulty battery and the battery was removed for about a week, got a new battery and it was fine.. Now after a day the centre displays aren't working, sat nav radio control heater control etc, the screen is blank..also the 4wd light is on... Any...
  3. How To Guides
    Good morning all iv just replaced the steering wheel squib and the turning it off and on not getting any joy any other help guys. Thank you
  4. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Hi All, I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some advise or information if you have had the same issues please. I'm new to the world of forums so apologies if i'm not asking in the correct way. We have 2 Nissan NP300's at work, both 17 plate and they both have issues of the drivers seat...
  5. Introduce yourself
    Hi everyone, I'm in a manual 2.3l tt diesel 2017 NP300 ST N-Sport dual cab. I took delivery about a week ago. Very clean inside and out and drives well. For the most part I'll use it for commuting to the office and out to work sites, but we also have a caravan and will use the Navara for...
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