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  • Madbiker ·
    Hi, Can you use the tie down cleats from a D40 on the NP300, they look similar in fact the ones from the D40 do look a better design with the strap part bolted on instead of all cast from one piece.
    My reason for asking is one there are loads of D40’s cleats for sale but for me the fact that I can unbolt that part and attach other brackets to it would be very useful.
    Hopefully I’ve not posted this request in the wrong section, if so just blame it on me being a newbie to posting.
    Cheers in advance.
    Madbiker ·
    Hi, Looking forward to getting involved on this forum, been checking out the posts especially the ones about bed covers since I purchased my Navara in November, one of the first mods will be a cover for the bed, it's good to hear your views on the covers your using or have experience of. I had a Mountain Top Roll on the Hilux which worked well but may go for a solid alloy or plastic one piece this time.
    Apart from the odd bulk bag of gravel it's main uses will be collecting logs for our wood burner and carrying my quad.
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