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Nissan Navara Twin Cab Ute Erus
D22 STR, Series 2, ZD30, 3.0Ltr Turbo Diesel
Dirty on a good day
Delivered....often late, usually intact
Hey All.
So I've been a mostly happy D22 pilot for the last 14 years. I bought her with just 3 kms on the clock, from my local Nissan dealership, back in November 04.
I can remember the stupid smile on my face, as I squeezed her right out of the middle, of that wanky glass showroom, so freakin shiny and smelling like.......well, like a bloody new car !! And how that smile grew as I headed straight for the steepest muddiest hill I could find!
I figured it might be a good idea to let her know what she was in for nice and early.
And ever since, we've been getting each other into, and out of, more than enuf trouble, fingers crossed this trend continues.
I was trying to think of a better place to view our "great outdoors" from the other day, but couldn't come up with anywhere better that the pilots seat in my old Nav.
She, (much like the other special lady in my life,) is starting to complain more n more nowadays as she ages, and, in another similarity, she is also starting to cost me a few extra dollars each week to run than she used to....... It'd be a bloody hard choice to make, if I had to decide which one I'd 'trade in' first.....
So, she's been named "TRUBLE", because of the amount of time I spend in her. We recently ticked over 530,000kms, so it's fair to say that.....yep, I'm always in Trouble!

I am wondering if maybe, someone in the community, anyone (I.E... U!) who reads this, can help me??
I have a D22 steering Conundrum ?!?
Not sure whether this is common issue regarding my model of D22 or not, but, the old girl has recently developed, a 100% totally random,(mostly on Fridays), severe and aggressive, pull to the left ...!
It's a bit of a weird one, but it only ever seems to happen, when we're approaching a drive-through bottle shop !! Look, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all....Strangely enuf, I'm usually feeling a touch thirsty when it occurs :)
Well guys, thats about it from me, for now....
I will whack up a few photos, and a mods list when I get a bit of time.
Hopefully I get the chance to learn a few tips n tricks from you all, and maybe I can return the favour here and there.
Look forward to having a laugh or two with y'all at the bar !!
Be good....or be good at it !!
2004 Nissan Navara Twin Cab Ute Erus D22 STR, Series 2, ZD30, 3.0Ltr Turbo Diesel (Dirty on a good day)


Airhorns and mud !!......Need I Say
My, (now tired)Second, ZD30 engine. (original turbo and engine were replaced under warranty, at 72000kms after the turbo let go...)
My 3rd Turbo.
2nd,recently rebuilt, 5speed gear box.
Twin core radiator.
Rear seat slightly modified.......Ok-totally removed...Mainly so as I can reach the essentials kept in the Waceo 40 litre Fridge/Freezer, but also to allow for a rear box & Draw system, containing the Recovery, Repair and Medical Kits, also hiding some Electrical work, plus Speakers, Sub & Amps.
Plenty of Dents, Chips, Scratches n Stickers.
Factory Snorkel.
Arb Winch Bar with Warn Winch.
Arb Steel Tray and Carry bars.
120 litre water tank under tray.
LightForce striker 170 Spotties.
Bonnet mounted Led LightBar.
Roof mounted, LED spot and spreads.
Large steel Toolbox.
Also, a handy little, tow-ball attachement that I designed a few years ago.... Basically its an adjustable, 6.5 meter high, 75 mm boxed tube, steel lifting jib. which, when coupled to an electric tray mounted, boat winch, gets used to lift my roof trusses up into place, when I'm at work.
The Rearview Mirror!!.......
And until recently departed, my best mate,"Jock". (English Staffordshire Bull Terrier)...RIP Buddy🇬🇧🍺
Otherwise, a Din/dash-mounted, iPad Air2+cellular. Used for everything; Music, Mapping, Communications and Video recording some of the action, both ON and OFF-ROAD.
Modified the dash, to include a 9 channel, Clarion graphic equaliser.
Twin Amps.
12' Clarion woofer in a box behind the passenger. Two, Sony 3way xplode speakers in rear pillars. Plus a couple of lil tweeters up front....
All reminders of what my ears used to be able to handle !!
A Uniden 80 channel UHF radio, with hidden head unit mounted under dash.
An unbreakable old, 40 channel, Uniden Grant, AM, short, med and long wave CB, stashed under seat.
40 channel, digital 'Patrol Scanner'.
All Led interior lighting, behind very dark tinted Windows.



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