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  1. Questions & Answers (Pathfinder)
    I have a 2007 pathfinder auto 2.5 yd25 with no boost. Scoured the internets for a solution but cant find anything. It has a new turbo, new boost solenoid, new hoses. Flushed the intercooler, cleaned the MAF, replaced the head (warped from a radiator issue) and done a peddle dance. The turbo rod...
  2. Questions & Answers (YD25 & TD25 2.5 Diesel)
    I have turned in the fuel screw 360 degrees ( one round ). And the idle is adjusted to good 800rpm. But I want just a little bit more boost. Can I just put boost controller between the turbo nipple and wastegate and add like 5psi?
  3. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    Hi, trying to install a boost pressure gauge on my 2009 2.5L d40. I have looked at the discussions on this website so I tried inserting a t joint in the hose between the inter cooler and the boost pressure sensor but the gauge just reads 0psi, wondering if anyone knows why besides a faulty...
1-3 of 3 Results