1. D40 Stalling when cold

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    Hey guys, need some help if anyone could shed some light on this for me would be great. So iv got a 2009 D40, it’s done 298,000km, just had it serviced two days ago, since the service it’s starting to stall when cold and won’t start again straight away, so what happens is, it starts fine, it’ll...
  2. Help!!!!Auto gearbox trouble

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    Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I am going to look at a 2013 2.5 tekna tomorrow and they have messaged me about a fault they have found with the auto gearbox. It works perfectly fine in auto mode but when you push the lever over to manual....nothing happens. Any ideas? Is it a dealbreaker? help?
  3. Strange electrical issues Please Help

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    I have a weird issue in my 07 D40 2.5tdi. My dash lights, headlights,taillights,parkers turn on, wipers dont work, indicators flash but not on the dash or make noise,abs and parkbrake light sometimes comes on/flickers while driving. no codes come up when i scan it. leads me to think i may have...
  4. Heater doesn’t work well

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    Good evening everyone, I have a navara with the following problem. The heating does not get hot. It continues to blow cold air when the engine is warm. When the engine speed increases 2500-3000 rpm, lukewarm air starts to come out of the blaze. As soon as the gas is released, it gets cold...
  5. Auto D40 Over Revving Off Start

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    Hi Legends. I own a Navara D40 2.5TD 2008 Auto. It’s severely over revving in first and second gear to gain traction, just as if it were a slipping clutch in a manual. I’m told it’s most likely the Tranmission Control Module or TCM, pricey exercise. Firstly, can anyone offer any advice on the...
  6. Qr32 conversion

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    Hello I’m new to this site and have a 2008 navara d40 Spain built with the yd25ddti engine in it which is currently blown up, all replacement engines seem to be very expensive and hard to find, was wondering if anyone has put a QR32 engine in and if so is it a relatively easy conversion or best...
  7. Can i put 2012 ST d40 side mirrors on my 2007 D40?

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    Can i put 2012 ST d40 side mirrors (has the indicators built in) on my 2007 D40 (that has none)TIA