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  1. Questions & Answers (Pathfinder)
    Hi, on my 2011 Pathfinder within 1 month two things in driver's door stopped working: unlocking driver's door with remote does not unlock in 1 of 10 times, and it's getting worse. At those occasions I need to lock and unlock once more to get drivers door unlocked. All other locks do unlock...
  2. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    Trying to get our Navara ready for a roadworthy and encountering all sorts of issues! The ute is a 2008 D40 Spanish built Diseal with 290,000kms for context. 1. The horn stopped working a few years ago but never got around to fixing it. The mechanic we went to at the time said he couldn't fix...
1-2 of 2 Results