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  1. Questions & Answers (V9X 3.0 V6 Diesel)
    Hi, Lately I notice weird buzzing sound,,like some little electrical pump running, after I turn hot engine off. Cannot determine exact sound location, but it seems like it is comming from mid to left side of engine top, looking in dri ing direction. After a minute or so, it stops. I assume it...
  2. Questions & Answers (V9X 3.0 V6 Diesel)
    Hi, I noticed that when shutting down warm engine, some quite silent buzzing sound is heard from middle of the engine, maybe around EGR, but I am not sure. Like small electric pump, not loud enought to catch it on video. After some 30-60 seconds it goes off. Any idea? Maybe some cooling pump...
  3. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Hi All, i Have a 2016 Np300 with a fault code P24A8, some basic research led me to the 2 Auxillary pumps in front of the rad. I have cleared the code 3 times and it repairs after around an hour's worth of driving each time. I have disconnected both pumps and can feel them both kick in as soon...
1-3 of 3 Results