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  1. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    hi, i recently purchased a 2007 navara aventura, had no issues until today. was driving home and got forced onto grass verge and come down with a bump. after that the engine died, will start again but dies straight after. seems like the fuel isn't getting through. no engine warning light and no...
  2. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    Hey guys :) so i have a 2007 d40 yd25 vsk auto, i am encountering shuttering at 1500rpm to 2000 rpm, when the boost kicks on it goes back to normal and drives like a dream. i have done blocked egr, duplex timing chain upgrade, new head and injectors which i did myself. every thing was done...
  3. Performance
    G'day everyone. I was wondering what type of engine would go in my 1989 navara 2.4l.
  4. Questions & Answers (YD25 & TD25 2.5 Diesel)
    Hi, what nav. engine is the best one for offroad purposes most reliable etc. Is D40 engines better than older YD25 from D22 ?
  5. Questions & Answers (YD25 & TD25 2.5 Diesel)
    Hi, today i seized engine in my d22. Is it worth to repair with parts from another second hand engine or buy new parts ? Also which different engine fits with minor work? Like bmw3.0 in patrol - has anyone here done it with navara d22 ? Thanks for any tips :)
  6. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Guys, does anyone know what makes the higher spec Np300`s have more power than the lower ones? eg- XE have 140bhp, but the LE has 180bhp they carry the same engine, yd25 same for the 2.3 where the lower spec has a lower hp
1-6 of 6 Results