1. Np300 suspension/lift

    Hi all, I am looking for suspension/lift kit recommendations for my np300 What has worked well on yours? Coils all round, no permanent weight in but I do occasionally fill the tub and roof with camping/work gear Thanks in advance
  2. Zd30 nav turbo sounds

    Questions & Answers (ZD30 3.0 Diesel & Petrol)
    Okay so this may be a dumb question but i think someone may know something about this, so say im offroad or something and im in first and roll back then give it abit to get moving up the rocks or hill and when i back off i can hear the turbo very very faintly fultter as it spools down, anymore...
  3. Heater doesn’t work well

    Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    Good evening everyone, I have a navara with the following problem. The heating does not get hot. It continues to blow cold air when the engine is warm. When the engine speed increases 2500-3000 rpm, lukewarm air starts to come out of the blaze. As soon as the gas is released, it gets cold...