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  1. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Just wondering if anyone has fitted a King Cab tub on their dual cab?
  2. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Hi. I have had a 66 plate NP300 Tekna for 3 months but it has been in the workshop for most of that. 1st issue was losing coolant and oil. Under warranty it had the turbo boost pipe changed, EGR coolant pump, new hoses and a new battery. Same thing again happened again and they said it was the...
  3. Questions & Answers (YD25 & TD25 2.5 Diesel)
    I have a 2008 model Nissan NP300, 2,5L td My speedometer is not working. When I use a drill on the speed sensor I measure AC voltage from the sensor. I removed the plastic in front of the speedometer and manually adjusted the speedometer needle to around 80, when both plugs behind the...
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    Hi everyone, seeking your advice please. When I turn on my headlights, the left hand side LED running light flickers. When the headlights are off and the running lights are at full brightness ... no flickering. I'm not having this issue on the right hand side; running light is operating...
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    Hey guys, I have a Navara Manual 2020 ST. Just recently when I engage reverse gear the reversing camera is not engaging in the navi display ( It just stays on the current screen its on) I have checked my back up lamp lights are turning on and when camera option is selected to set the camera...
  6. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Hi all, having stopped at McDonalds drive through the other day, I noticed a consistent ticking noise being reflected from the wall of the drive through. Having looked through the forum, someone else has had a similar problem and they found that it was a worn cv joint. My truck is still in...
  7. Exterior Modifications
    I have been looking into getting a City Bar (as pictured), but my truck has front sensors, camera and the brake assist thing. I am seeing really mixed opinions on fitting them. Some people are saying you will mess the sensors up, others saying it has no effect. Can anyone give a clear answer??
  8. First time towing with the NP300

    First time towing with the NP300
  9. NP300 Day 1

    New car day! The first picture I took of the NP300
  10. Added chrome aerial

    Added chrome aerial
  11. Added chrome to front lights

    Added chrome to front lights
  12. Added chrome rear light covers

    Added chrome rear light covers
  13. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    My DPF light came on a couple of weeks ago, it caught me by surprise as the truck is not that old (2016 D23), still under warranty. I booked it in at the local dealership but they said that DPF issues may not be covered and it would a £95 just to look at it. A closer inspection of the warranty...
  14. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Guys, does anyone know what makes the higher spec Np300`s have more power than the lower ones? eg- XE have 140bhp, but the LE has 180bhp they carry the same engine, yd25 same for the 2.3 where the lower spec has a lower hp
  15. Performance
    Hi all, I am looking for suspension/lift kit recommendations for my np300 What has worked well on yours? Coils all round, no permanent weight in but I do occasionally fill the tub and roof with camping/work gear Thanks in advance
  16. Exterior Modifications
    Has anyone installed NP300 factory roof rails onto their car? I have salvaged a set of rails from an ST-X and want to install them onto my ST, but I am hesitant due to the drilling required. I just want to know if people have had success doing this themselves.
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    Good morning I was wondering if anyone has had issues with a squeaking noise coming from the rear door of their Navara NP300. The best way to describe the noise is like plastic bottles rubbing together and the noise is constant when your driving. When you close the door you can hear a little...
  18. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    I have bought the mirrors from a 2015 ST-X for the indicators and folding, and tried installing them on my 2018 ST. I can see that my car has all the wiring that matches the mirror, but only the mirror adjustment works, and the RH mirror folds, neither of the indicators work. I also bought the...
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