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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hello Gang! I've recently become an owner of a 2013, V6, Outlaw (Auto) with 85,000miles on the clock and i've fallen in love with the damn beast!!! Thought i'd join the community to share my experiences and learn from seasoned Navara owners as i intend to keep this vehicle for some time! Yes...
  2. Questions & Answers (all variants)
    Hi Everybody, I have remapped my NP300 2019 and DPF was removed based on the tuning company request as they said the power will be increased after removing the DPF , Currently I need to back to the stock/original software as I’m not satisfied with the power after the remapping as I have a plan...
  3. Modification And Build Projects
    Gooday Members, I want to share the purchase story of my 2013 3.0l V6 diesel Nissan Navara stx and its initial upgrades. I had a petrol '98 Nissan Patrol, which i used as a daily and to tow my 2.6t caravan. I always liked the idea of a 550 navara for the extra grunt and power. So end of last...
1-3 of 3 Results