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  1. Questions & Answers (V9X 3.0 V6 Diesel)
    Hi, I am not sure this is related, but my 2010 Pathfinder V6 3.0 dCi is more and more weird regarding shifting. I am aware of probably oil need to be changed (half a second engaging delay on green light), but this shifting issue is becoming more and more annoying. Sometimes (and lately becoming...
  2. Questions & Answers (V9X 3.0 V6 Diesel)
    Hello, I have got a problem with my nissan navara v6 from 2012. I can not put the gearbox in sports mode or manual mode. I saw the micro switch in the shift lever and they are ok. By doing a scan, it appear one error, P1815. I saw on forums that the problem may be the instrumental cluster...
  3. Questions & Answers (D40 Diesels)
    I have a old and high mileage (293k) 2006 Nissan navara d40 with problems to shift into first and reverse when cold in the morning. I just wanted a more up to date suggestions as the last thread is from 2012. Background: we bought this truck 4 months ago, older owner said he had it fitted a...
1-3 of 3 Results