2014 Nissan navara v9x engine removal

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Hi Iv got a Nissan navara v9x 2014 could anyone please help me decide on if it’s easier to take the cab off to get the engine out? Thanks in advance
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No, you don't need to take the cab off to get the engine out.
I read somewhere that it is easier to take cab off than engine out, but I do not know details.
I guess it is all about turbo and exhaust manifold, which is pain to disconnect, as it is sqeezed between engine and firewall and some screws you must target blindly, even harder to put together later.
By taking cab off you have all disconnect points more or less within reach. I guess.
At least and not last, by taking cab off you can address frame rust and exhaust manifold leaks easier, so my vote goes to cab off against engine out.
Interesting. If the original poster wants to get to the turbo, body off sounds an option.
I wonder if the the body has to come right off like the Range Rovers or maybe just lifted a few inches?
I've seen some videos of cab off to get to turbo and first cat, but those engines are rare and cannot get to proper info.
And in all cases cab went off in full, few inches I guess does not make it any easier.
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