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I have rekindled am old school friendship going back 15 or so years with my local garage!
they used to be rover now they have no dealership just a normal small village garage who has impecable service standards!

i work somewhere very close by and i have always looked after him and his boss/owner of the garage!

we swapped favours about 6 months ago and he held his end of the bargain couple of days ago!

full mechanical buff, t-cut, polished then scotchgaurded!
if that wasnt enough the boss's son was gutting and hoovering the inside!
it's better looking than it was in the showroom!

anyway cut a lonmg story short :lol:
the owner asked where i got my servicing done, i said 'main dealer'
he sucked his teeth and offered to service it for £100!

i said that would be lovely mate, as a one off thanks very much!
he said' oh thats not a one of kenny, if you like paying by cash i'll service it everytime for the same amount!

seems to like the way i look after him and this way he returns the favour!
(aparently the cash gets pocketed for beer tokens and the service parts go through as forcourt parts)

hell im not complaining and i know all the mechanics too! so i have no doubts about the ability of the workmanship!

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