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The universal joint is held on with circlips and is a 30 minute job to replace once the propshaft is off.

Some Ujs are crimped on, but not on the Pathfinder to my knowledge.

It's a fairly standard size, so you will find them on eBay or similar.

2010 Pathfinder Tekna (Post facelift)
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So just to update on this one…
Seems now it is throwing up a steering angle sensor code.

Turns out my mechanic mate had over promised and in his attempt to ******** me, I guess feeling guilty, as he hadn’t even looked. He wrongly told me it was the rear ABS sensor pair. So I’d already replaced those as per above.

So another mate had a look, it is front driver side that is the actual issue. The wire was damaged above the sensor connector. So have bridged across it for now to rule it out. Sensor has been replaced already. I’ve reset the codes and had another look. Still the same codes. But also throwing up a steering sensor. He says they some times just need clearing so has cleared. But all lights in title came straight back on.

Searching about I found this on another forum for Xterras:

Seems other than the VDC a very similar set of problems. May require a fancy computer to reset.

Don’t know if anyone else has come across this?

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