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OK, so none on the d40 models come with Apple Car Play or Android Auto. As you know in many countries it is illegal to touch your phone while the engine is running, but you are allowed to touch your head unit, which is why Android Auto/Apple Car Play can be useful.

Outlaw spec 2005 to 2010. - you can fit a generic double din head unit with Android/Apple for a couple of hundred.

Accenture/Tekna//V6 models all come with built in sat nav and AC functions linked to the car, so upgrading the head unit is difficult/expensive/impossible! The satellite navigation, screen resolution and menus on these models are poorly designed although the sound system is pretty good. Adding a futher screen is an option that won't suit all, but at least it moves us more up to date.

Here's a simple option.

Output device Product Gadget Communication Device Vehicle

Audio equipment Gas Font Electric blue Machine

Output device Peripheral Gadget Input device Rectangle

This is a standalone unit that you can mount on top of your dashboard, it isnt that tall so reasonably tidy. With a bit of ingenuity you mount it somewhere else. The usual functions which are basically connecting to you phone via wifi and allowing you use Waze/Google maps, phone, output to head unit etc.This one has a forward facing camera too.

As of Feb 2023 this unit will cost around 100 Pounds/Euros on ebay. Google 10.26" Android auto for up to date prices and availablity. There are other shapes and sizes about.

Here is a video of a similar device

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