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Only a small modification, but a necessary one.

Whilst driving south on the M6 yesterday I was blinded by the sun bouncing off the chrome surround of the gear stick. So I've wrapped it. See attached pics.

Its wasn't at all hard, the chrome surround is held in place by four clips, start by removing the cup holder section between the centre consol and the gear stick, this just popped out when I pulled it.

Then reach in and push the clips holding the chrome surround inwards and lift the chrome surround at the same time. Start with the end nearest the rear of the vehicle as the front has a push in piece of plastic that you can see in one of the pics, if you start at the end near the front of the vehicle , you'll probs snap that off.

Once it was out, I gave the thing a quick wipe, wrapped it, then just popped it back in. No more being dazzled by the sun.


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