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Just a quick heads up on a potential issue for others to check on their NP300. My 2019 NP300 recently went in for its' first MOT which it passed ok. However there was an advisory that the nearside axle/hub seal was leaking. I checked this when I got back home and right enough there were signs of oil leakage at the bottom of the brake back plate (drum brakes).
I booked it in to my local Nissan dealer to have a look at and they confirmed the hub oil seal was indeed leaking and had also caused some contamination of the brake shoes which would also need to be changed. They confirmed all the work would be covered under warranty, although they didn't have the parts in stock so it has to go in again for the actual repairs. This is worth checking as the cost of the work would be just over £600 if not under warranty and I know some early NP300s are coming out of the 5 year warranty period now.
I daren’t check mine it went out of warranty in jan
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