Crancking but not start

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Hi Champs

I trust you are well, I got an issue with my yq25 diesel, the car just cranking but would not start, I tried to bleed the air out think maybe its air lock but it still wouldn't start, I checked if there's diesel going to the injectors and it's there, the car started once on Friday afternoon but now it does not want to start again. Any idea what I could perhaps do or check before I call a mechanic?

Your help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance
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I would firstly try spraying some easy start product into the intake manifold to see if if it will run.

Assuming this works then you probably have an air leak in the fuel system. One way of checking is to add a length of clear tubing at the fuel filter output to see if there are any bubbles in the fuel
Thanks for your reply, I did apply the quick start this morning but it didn't start still, just cranking
If it won't start on quick start, it could be serious, for example a timing chain snapped. It might be time to get your mechanic to have a look.
Ok I see, but what puzzles me is that there's a dark smoke coming whenever I crank the engine, the car at times sounds like it want to start, this morning it almost started
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