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Had EML light come with DTC 0409.
No other problems, blanked of egr pipe 3 years ago. ( I did not isolate the egr from the exhaust, so soot and crud is still allowed to foul up and deposit itself in the valve, which I believe made it stick shut, which isn't a real problem, as it is blanked off anyway, but more annoying than anything else, as its causing the fault code.
Reset/cleared the code, then EML would pop back on.
Thought I'd have a look at the valve tonight ( as you do just before going back to work)
Not sure if this has been done on the forum with the egr valve clean? but here goes, this is applicable to the 2.5 diesel 2010 onwards.
1, Disconnect neg - on the battery.
2, Remove the 4 nuts and 2 bolts fixing the egr gas pipe in place. 12mm socket.
3, Clamp the bottom coolant hose ( I used my small long nosed molegrips, very lightly) then used a M10 bolt to pop in the other hose when you pull it off, then place a 2nd M10 bolt in the end of the clamped hose, this way you will loose minimal coolant.
4, Disconnect the multiplug, just press the clip and separate.
5, Slide off the egr and set about cleaning it. I used a degreasing solvent with a sonic brush, which seemed to work.
6, I then thought I'd fab up a blank plate to isolate the egr from the exhaust, thus preventing the buildup of crud again.
7, With use of a bit of exhaust sealant gasket, put it all back together. ( in reverse order)
8, When I unplugged the valve it had factory tape wrapped around the cable and plug for support, I just used a cable tie instead.
9, Reconnected negative, fired the engine up, put the heater on full, topped up the coolant, about half a mugs worth.
went for a couple of miles, stopped and started about 10 times, no EML light.
Seems spot on. Hope this helps someone else.


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Just an update: EML popped back on checked code same as before.
Ordered new EGR for euro5 from Dave @ Billcar.
Fitted it and decided to have a look at the old egr as I thought I'd done a satisfactory job cleaning the carbon deposits from the valve disc. I found that wasn't the issue.
I removed the plastic terminal cover, and found a fair bit of moisture and rust/dirt on the position sensor.
Also discovered the egr valve is spring return close. The gears were jamming in four places which is the fault causing the code as the valve feedback sensor would show the valve was sticking open due to a rusty spindle on the white gear and rust on the motor pinion gear.
Tools to effect the repair:
  • TX20 security torx bit
  • Triangle needle file
  • Solvent cleaner
  • fine emery cloth (sand paper)
  • PTFE lube
  • Flat bladed driver

  1. Remove torx screw from cover and prise off cover
  2. Once cover removed, try moving black half gear counter clockwise, check spring return action, look for smooth unassisted return to close
  3. If sticking/jamming, with use of the screwdriver- gently prise off the white gear linking drive motor to black half gear.
  4. Check again black gear movement. ( mine was smooth return to close)
  5. With emery cloth clean white gear spindle, remove all rust.
  6. Clean out motor drive gear teeth of rust with needle file. ( motor can be removed by unscrewing the torx screws, it then just pops out.
  7. Once satisfied all rust is removed reassemble and lube with ptfe lube. then do mechanism check again to see if the valve self closes.
  8. If all ok, then degrease the position sensor with spray and cloth, ( the small round sensor that sits when assembled inside the black gear, don't forget to clean out the black gear centre)
  9. Clean the motor terminals. ( The two blades coming of the drive motor)
  10. Place the cover back on and fit screws. Presto. one refurbed EGR valve.
This easy fix should save some pennies, and I cannot see the earlier versions euro 3/4 egr valve been much different.


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Happy to help, I was under the impression that the EGR was not serviceable, but it's not that complicated. And if its faulty then there is nothing to lose to attempt repair.
As said above mine was blanked off so the the only fault I had was the code and the eml light on at 44k miles, no running issues.
Also mine is now blanked off both sides so no more soot in the valve, however as also mentioned, it was the drive/gear mechanism that was sticking causing my problem.
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