Front grill

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Anyone know where the best place to get nee front grill? Nissan are stupidly expensive!!

Tiny crack to the grill doesn’t seem to warrant £300 quid


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I’m in process of ringing round a few places in newcastle, as it’s in awkward place, as one lad pointed out it’s in the centre grill, by the time it’s stripped, repaired and colour matched, will still be not a cheap repair.
nissan are trying to flog a grille but also say you have to buy a new badge? Surely the old one can be removed???
Was looking at the Eagle 4x4 aftermarket one as an option.
Trying to not claim as I was parked and guy reversed into me, but if got to claim I’m going to was just trying to help him out as he’s friend of a friend that’s all
1 - 3 of 7 Posts