Front recovery hook

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I have and like very much front light-duty bull bar with bottom protection, as everything more is beyond my budget. What bothers me is I do not have recovery points in front. There should be one hook under the frame, but on my vehicle there's none. Beside that, this light-duty bullbar is fixed with yada-yada small fixtures, made out of 4mm stainless steel, and it bends if I touch the heavy grass once or twice too fast.

So, what I am thinking is to make a recovery point beside bullbar fixing point. I can do this out of 10mm stainless steel plate, laser-cut, TIG-weld and bolt on with 4 bolts M12. I know recovery point is not in right direction, as it will pull forwards, but having almost 1,5 inches of raw stainless meat, I guess it will hold.
Aha...and cost is nada. Or maybe one or two rounds of beer.

What you say?
Should I go with 15mm stainless steel plate? Or is this kinda well enough for possible recovery few times in vehicle lifetime (I am just light weeknd warrior)?

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Nice drawings!

10mm plate is ample, way thicker than the chassis.
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Nice drawings!

10mm plate is ample, way thicker than the chassis.
You rite. Chasis will brake before my sculpture :)
Yes, you probably will want to use some steel tubing inside the chassis for the bolts to run through, or a bit easier put another piece of plate at the other end of the securing bolts.
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