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2011, navara D40 3.0L v6 (STX550)
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Hi guys,
So a quick background of my question. I bought a suspension lift kit off eBay. (Only place I could find that sold both together) anyways ensured they suited my 2011 navara d40 3.0l V6. So went to fit today and the holes for fitting the spacer on the shock hat won't line up. I can see that the shock has 2 studs closer together that the 3rd. The spacer I have all the holes are equally apart. Just wondering if anyone else ran into the issue. Is the shock different on a V6 vs a 2.5l? Need ammo to fire back at these guys. Here is the link to what I bought. 2.5" front + 2" rear lift kit for nissan navara d40 strut spacers extended Shack | eBay

Any advice would be great if you have fitted a suspension lift kit.
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