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Good morning from south-west Germany.

I have a big issue with the Navara.

The engine stoped during drive and now won't start.

I have changed the fuel filters (the pre-filter and the main filter) and bleed the system with the hand pump.
The engine won't start.
Than I have bleed the system with a electrical pump. That worked fine because there was no bubbles in the pipe to see.
But the engine won't start, anymore.

After that I have checked the fuel pump in the tank. The pump don't get power supply.
Theres no measurable voltage at the connector to the fuel pump or on the fuse contacts in the fuse box.
But the pump works fine when I connect it to 12V power.

Now I'm looking for any relay for the fuel pump, but I can't find.

Can anybody help me to solve the problem?

Best regards
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