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Hi guys!

I've done some searching and couldn't find what i was looking for so apologies if this has been covered off before but I'm in need of some help!

I have a 2011 D40 with the sat Nav head unit (pic attached). I'm looking to upgrade to an apple car play model but I'm struggling to find confirmation anywhere this can actually be done with this model

My concerns are the screen and radio unit are seperate so there may not be enough space behind the screen to fit a new system?

Can anyone who's done this please offer a helping Hand!

Thanks in advance


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Ok, so yes if you are prepared to lose the temperature readings, fuel consumption and some of the other head unit functions it is possible.

You will need to strip the plastics and measure to make sure the is enough depth to fit your chosen double din where the screen is.
You will then need to fabricate some brackets to hold it.
Also will need to make a fascia plate as the current screen is not a standard size.
Then the wiring. No plug and play kits, but doable to hook up the speakers, power supplies, reversing camera and steering wheel controls.

I thought about this, but not for long!

There are other options, mounting a tablet where the screen is or maybe lower down for example

Probably not the best how to guide, this write up replaced the head unit, far more complicated than feeding the existing head unit via the audio jack.

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