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Hello all,
Hope everyone's doing well. My first time posting here.

I have just bought a used 2015 D40 2.5 diesel 6speed manual 174PS/403Nm with almost 200,000kms on the clock.

I have changed engine oil, oil filter and diesel filter. EGR working fine.

I first started to notice hesitations at circa 1600-1800rpm cruise/steady on 5th gear. On the next day it happened a few more time on accelerations, all below 3000rpm. All these happened intermittently, no particular pattern observed, on and off, any where between the time pedal is pressed and 3000rpm. The idle is good though. I have some rattling noise from the input shaft bearing so I can pick up the hesitation from the changes in the rattling noise even if it is so slight that you can hardly feel it. I intend to fix the shaft bearing after fixing the hesitation as I find it helpful in diagnosing the engine!

I had scan tool plugged in and it showed:
P1272 FRP relief valve
P0089 Fuel Pump
P0238 TC Boost sen/circ

As for the boost sensor code, I cleaned out the MAF and the turbo didn't run after that. Shutdown and restarted the engine and turbo back to normal. Perhaps boost solenoid on it's way out? This however has not re-occurred since.
As for 1272 and 0089, it points to fuel rail pressure. I wonder if that suggests that the SCV is acting up. Perhaps fuel rail pressure control and pressure relief valve? Perhaps indeed the boost control solenoid is causing all this?

I'm on tight budget and wonder where shall I start first.

Many thanks

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The SCV normally causes the 1272 and 0089 codes, it does sound like you boost sensor (just after the intercooler) needs some attention too.
It doesn't sound like the boost control solenoid is a fault. Not 100% sure but I think the Thai built models kept the boost control solenoid for all D40 models.
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