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Hey guys and gals.
Long time reader first time poster.

im from qld and have a 08 spain d40 that no matter what, won’t let me down.
Gets used every day for work and every week end for play.
Is my second d40 now, left my first stock.
Have added a few extras to the latest.
I have 3 inch front lift and 2inch rear.
33inch mt
Straight through exhust
Plazmen pipe
Single mass clutch
Nav stereo
Egr deleted

And red paint every where I can reach atm.

Im now chasing another work around for the fprv im hopeing bluenav or some one alike can maybe help me out.
Thanks guys, hope your all well View attachment 66946 View attachment 66948
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I guess you have found the posts by BlueNavara on this (and a couple of other) forums. Sadly I believe he is no longer with us.

The fuel pressure relief valve only really needs modifying if you have increased the fuelling and boost, is that something you intend to do?

17,173 Posts
Yeah iv added a rapid performance chip and now it’s throwing it into limp mode at high rev, after 3500.
The performance gain is great but from what I understand for the chip to work and not go into limp mode I’m supposed to shim the frps.

Rapid no longer make performance modules but I managed to speak to the wholesaler who can recall the chip coming with a shim but he can’t remember a size or much else.

I also spoke to some one who told me I could just put a solid nut in the end of the fuel rail but I don’t know how good this would be.

I assume the chip is set to a safe pressure

My motor has hit error code p1272
3 times befor installing the chip but once when bogged.
once on a trip up big sandy.
And once when I cold started and took of heavy with no idea between keen

thinking my sensor may have been on the way out any way?
If you want to go down the shim route, have a read here

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