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any one tryed a HICLONE
i think you need 2 .
1 befor the turbo and 1 after works out £113.58 deliverd for the 2
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I've heard rumours that they work, but no first hand experience unfortunately - not a bad price to try them out I suppose.

If they work and any of the other lads subsequently buy them, I think they should send you a tenner to cover research :lol:
that looks interesting.
i will look into this a bit more. it would be great to see one in the flesh.
i'd love to try a navara with the electric fan , hiclone, performance chip and a cold air intake kit i bet it would go like shi* of a Shovel
"More MPG - more power & torque
- less emissions"


If that was really achievable wouldnt have Nissan added one as standard.

I have a friend who installed one on is Landrover. He could not notice the diffrence.
i am with you on that brian. if it were that simple :D
Yeah, you are probably right guys - when all is said and done, the major motor manufacturers spend fortunes on R & D (I know Merc spend $10m A DAY!), you can't help thinking that they would work this stuff out.
Dubious, but working on it

Hi Zipo,

Got an X reg. D22 with twin Hiclones - pre fitting was returning 23 mpg and post fitting returning 20 -23mpg so allowing for changes in driving style and journey types - bugger all difference! However, I think that I may have other problems as a lot of people are quoting high 20's for mpg figures so still working on it - on the plus side Hiclone have offered a full refund if I want it so they seem to be as confused as me. Anyone with experience setting a Navara up with Hiclones and any tips please help... Will keep you posted of I get any results.

The Hiclone thingy is just a psychological game! They sell you a product by convincing you it is a miracle out of this world, you fit it, then you subconsciously drive it slower than usual, more gently, and bingo, you get an extra couple of MPGs!! These people get quoted on the Hiclone website as "happy customers". Then you have the more scientific members of our community who will try and stick to the same routine as before, and they see no difference! From the engineering perspective, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why it should work! In fact, I would say it does the OPPOSITE by choking down your engine and losing your precious volumetric efficiency!
It is a big time fraud this hiclone thingy! But if you want to waste money, go ahead and make someone even richer. :shock:
i likewise think it will be a waste, what is the point of causing air swirl before the turbo? with its RPM its going to much up any airswirl caused. what you want is clean, cold free flowing air, this item wont do that. and after the turbo will only cause furtherdisruption due to the fact the oe manifolds are rougher than badgers perverbial. as for the subject of the landrover if you notice they have disconnected the EEGR, this alone will account for the increse in torque.
with diesel the route for power, and keep reliabitlity, tends to be in order airfilter (free flow), Exhaust (again free flow), Intercooler (larger) and then muck with the fuel and boost to match the better flowing engine. after this it gets too expensive, ( change to petrol). :shock:
this has been the route adopted by the army to gain a few extra Nm to its fleet of rovers. bar the ecu chip and with the filter/ exhaust and intercooler with adjusted boost it make a BIG difference, if only they would sort out the armour.. :roll:
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These things are snake oil.

"Surbo" is another one.

Well said
i dont always understand it and work with it all day, but i really get bugged when big companies try and take people for a ride :x

and i know the rant was about landys but thats what i know and its all the same with diesel/engines. hope it helps tho.

the "surbo" is another then. USELESS.
daletur328 said:
i likewise think it will be a waste, what is the point of causing air swirl before the turbo?
actually the theory behind it is sound. the "hiclone" is basically a stator, it redirects the airflow to a more efficient angle. similar to auto transmissions and also some high speed fans have them. however they need to be designed and installed just right and even then often the gains are lost due to the intake restriction it makes.

the "hiclones" do work IF you have an old petrol carby motor with **** design manifolds. the swirl makes air fuel distribution better. nothing new.....was done many many years ago. all cars today have it built the head. with modern injection there is no need to do external swirl, internal swirl is far better.

for a diesel its purely snake oil.
We fit similar things on yacht engines, on a diesel it would have a noticeable effect in power, but they are fitted to improve fuel economy. The way a boat engine is used is it’s kept at a constant rpm so it was easy to see the effect. With the ones we use they have around a 6-8% affect as the air is moving in the cylinder which then gives a better caboom, I wouldn’t bother putting it into a car but 6-8% on a 4000hp motor makes a difference!
a yacht with 4000hp motor ??? on this side of the world they have sails not big motors.

if the desgner has done their job correctly the ports and fuel injection should do all the swirl it needs, hiclone should only work if its an old POS!
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