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So, I have been on the forum for a while now, about a year... bought an older D40 last year, loved driving it, had plans for upgrading etc but on advice from here, got the chassis checked first :oops: . Failed..... so it only took about a year for Nissan to pay out and retrieve the truck (part due to covid to be fair) but finally its gone.

So what next, I have a nice Jaguar XF just now, its been..... a pain. Excelent car, and with a 3.0 ltr V6 diesel its no slouch. But... this one has been a nightmare.... loads of warranty claims and useless dealer and six weeks left on the warranty. So I decided on Friday that its time for the jag to go so Ive done a deal with Nissan for this 🙂 😂

Nav new.jpg

so please prepare youselves for loads of questions 😂
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