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2011 Nissan Navara D40 RX 2.5 Manual Diesel Single Cab
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Hello everyone ... a new boy from Downunder.

I often venture into the harsh Australian deserts in my 2011 D40 Navara YD25 single cab tray back former plumbers 4wd or on my KTM530EXC enduro motorcycle. For the extreme desert motorcycle expeditions I get a friend to drive the D40 carrying all fuel, food, water, camping gear, spares etc.

As a degree qualified Civil Engineer I'm reasonably handy on the tools and finding simpler ways to do certain tasks. I've just repaired a leaking oil line flange gasket underneath the turbo. Apparently a common source of oil leaks on the YD25 engine. I made a modified extended head bolt for the inside hard to get to fastener that made the reassembly a lot quicker. In the future it will make the oil line gasket change or turbo removal a lot simpler.

If anyone is interested I made a short video as it's handy to share the knowledge . If you search in YT ... "Navara turbo oil line leak" it should pop up. Happy to post a link if it's allowed.

Here's a current photo of my ex Plumbers vehicle. It's done some hard yards in the Australian outback and is still soldiering on.

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