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theres not alot of info on d22 04 reg but alot on d40
what i need to know is since putting new pump on and duplex timing gear
i have add proplems with power laging up hills
now regarding new chains the sprocket on the pump as two marks this is the one for upper timing cams
and i my have got mix up with the mark on the pump sprocket
got told to push a pin through the pump sprocket to line it up .
anyway since doing it that way its losing power
was that the right way to set the pump with pin to line up the chain marks to sprocket marks
any way plug in to obd and gets told that timing is 10% advanced its rough and surges on tick over
could that other marking be were chain went ?
did not notice that other mark way would there be two marks ?
what other way could the pump be set you can not advance or retard them on these or can you ?
any help thanks
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