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I'm proud owner of Nissan Navarra D40, SP build, 2,5CRD without DPF (lucky me). Really nice car, on highway runs like passanger car, in terrain almost unstoppable. Fuel economy with given size and weight OK.

Wheel Tire Truck Vehicle Car

Is 2007 and what was necessary to do already is the chassis.
Yes, common problem, I've somehow expected it but it was quite bad. It was cracked on two places (usual places I must say) and badly - when loaded it would crack to two pieces without any doubt.
So in few days after purchase I checked the frame and:
Tire Wheel Plant Automotive tire Tread

... few knocks with hammer and it was like a paper. So cut it into good material (well, the frame is not really thick!) and some welding
Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior
Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Plant Vehicle
Automotive tire Plant Wood Motor vehicle Trunk

Then measuring and drawing... laser...
Automotive tire Wood Gas Automotive wheel system Grass
Rectangle Font Sleeve Material property Tints and shades
Wood Road surface Grey Automotive tire Font

then some welding and the frame is ok again :)
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Building

Photos with applied wax are not interesting.

So, I believe someone of you will face similar issues - if you like I can provide drawings and you can cut it anywhere. It is not perfect, some tuning with angle grinder is necessary and some bigger welds as well, but in the end of the day it worked. The cuts are from 4mm steel plate.

Next steps
  • single mass flywheel
  • duplex kit

both in spring as now is already too cold.

(And a SRS repair, for this I'll open a new topic.)

Thanks for this great community!


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Oh yes, a lot of salt. The car is covered with salt crystal sometimes.
Anyway, the rust is from inside and not from outside plus most of the other parts (cabin etc.) is intact.

Salt - yes, definitely an issue but not the only one I'd say.

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Fair point, the cause is Nissan using our quality steel , probably saving €10 per vehicle.

By the way, here is the chassis on my Citroen. Made before car chassis were made from old washing machines and microwaves.

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Tread Bumper

1925 model.
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