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ive just sold my M3 conv for the new navara !! Mainly for work purposes, I hope the power will be as good ,LOL
hope to get it in 2 weeks time, its gonna get 22" rims and bit more extras.
anyone know where i can get a Tonneau hard cover and chequerplate fitted for a good price.
im also considering a performance up grade and suspension change too.
Any imformation regarding these matters would be much appreciated.
will post pictures when ready.

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to the 'club'.

I was in an M3 Convertible a few days ago, an '02 plate - beautiful engine, but to be honest, I found it a bit of a 'boneshaker' over the rougher stuff, a little disappointing on that front :cry:

That said, pretty much all convertibles suffer from the dreaded scuttle shake.

I have a contact for the checker plating, but he is up North, i'll keep an ear to the ground for anyone closer to you that can help.

All the best, and thanks for joining us,


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thanks ezzer, def a bone shaker, but worth it lol
ordered the new M3 for next year. hopefully it will be just as good .!!
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