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I have a 2011 STX550 with 220k on the clock.
Originally it had an engine oil leak, which seems to have stopped after several oil changes where I added a conditioner.
Shortly after this problem was resolved it started to loose gear box oil. To the point where it covered the entire under side of the vehicle & the trailer I was towing. I have inspected the gearbox, however the oil is leaking form up high & is not visible. I have had the vehicle at a mechanics work shop, who I was told was the go too STX550 Guy, only to go & collect the vehicle untouched. I was in formed that he didn’t want to fix the vehicle as he thought that the gearbox would have to be pulled out to even find the leak.
I have ordered a $10 inspection camera in the hope I can see the leak before pulling the gearbox out & finding that it wasn’t necessary.
Has anyone else had this problem?
If so I could do with some advice.

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