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They were on two of three d22's I bought but they are after market the one with the muffler at least is from DEA performance, the other doesn't seem to have any markings but could be the same, they are made in sections like the original system and fit easily in place they can also be plug and play with the different sections ie replace a hotdog with a muffler and another section with or without catalytic converter.
Not sure whats available elsewhere but several manufacturers in Aust but these were good when I wanted new gaskets and bolts when I changed from one vehicle to the other Exhaust Systems – Specialised Aftermarket Exhaust & More .

Note these systems end up being very close to the firewall you can move the drive train forward by using the alternate fixing holes for the rear mounts but decided against that as the starter motor ends up very close to RH front engine mount so I pushed the firewall back a bit behind the exhaust to give it room for peace of mind at least,
One vehicle was even worse than the other which I found was the rubber body mounts had worn enough to allow the body to move forward almost touching the exhaust and causing what seemed to be brake? shudder in reverse especially that took a bit of thought to find.
Note of the three vehicles here with six rear mounts between them all had crook rubbers so it is obviously a problem and when they fail the motor sits out of square at the radiator shroud, this would also allow the motor to move forward under minor front collision or hard braking causing the fan to hit the radiator or the starter motor to hit the front RH engine mount which did happen in one vehicle here, the front engine mounts are very soft and don't restrict much forward movement.
Hi Mate, Looks like a lot of work to get bigger bore pipes on think I will stick to the standard exhaust system on mines, lm starting to throw a lot of cash at this truck now hope when I get all the work done I don’t have any more problems for a while considering the engine problems with the Navara it looks like a fairly well constructed engine in these Ttucks. Cheers Mate,
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