Starter motor which one...d40 diesel Thai manual

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Hey everyone, I have been having issues with my starter motor to the point I take it off and apart every day, have to clean it and put it back on, yep the brushes are ******..I have a 2010 Thai d40 yd25 6 speed manual and can't for the fn life of me find another one that fits, I picked up one last night second had with no solenoid thinking I could take mine off and fit to new one, nope different mechanism that engages the shaft to push out, so the commutator and shaft don't fit in mine either...neither does just the back casing lol .. literally nothing is the same lol..and yeah it is off another yd25 but a pathfinder...mine has 10t and all the others online have 11 or 12t...I have become an expert in taking apart starter motors tho the last 2 weeks lol
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I wasn't aware that the starters were fitted with 10teeth, are you sure it is the right one to start with?
I guess one of the coils has short circuited which is then drawing too much current and burning the brushes.
The Spanish are all 12T. As you say, maybe off an auto or even a petrol model.

I wonder if the number of teeth really matters? You would think it does, but maybe not?
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