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G'day all, I have a 2007 d40 Spain built. I recently got back from a camping trip where I did a bit of 4x4. Whilst out in the bush I broke the Cv's...... The car would make a filthy metal on metal clunk noise whilst turning corners only, It would pull the steering wheel either to the left or right at random times, it was as tho someone had grabbed the wheel and I had to fight for it back! after about 2-3 seconds the wheel would release and I would again have full control over the steering.
So, In the past 2 weeks this is what I have replaced....
Tie rod ends
Both Cv's
Both sway bar links
Both wheel hub including bearings
Both Upper control arms
New break pads
Have had it wheel aligned, Balanced, rotation etc

Since doing this, the pulling of the wheel went away for about 100km worth of driving. I am no mechanic but the ones I have spoken to in regards to this issue have no clue on what it could be! I am starting to think it could be the steering rack as I have noticed metal shavings just below where that piston thing is for the steering rack........ any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I need this resolved sooner rather than later.

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