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Hello Chaps

Quick question, has anyone ever changed their steering wheels to an aftermarket type?

Reason being I have a problem with my right knee hitting the wheel when moving my foot from the accelerator to the brake. Not only is this uncomfortable it could be bloomin dangerous. So what I was thinking was, get a slightly smaller aftermarket flat bottomed wheel and possible a spacer to bring it closer to me hopefully creating a bit more space and sorting the problem. Not this leads me to another problem, would a standard Nissan Boss fit? or would I need to try and source a custom or specific one? the other parts are easy (wheel and spacer)

I'm also looking into getting some lower mounted front seats, after market ones with most likely I would think self fabricated mounts (if I can) but I will need to get the measuring tape out and see how much I might gain if anything.

Any ideas on the above and any constructive criticism would be gratefully appreciated :D

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