towbar question

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this maybe a stupid question but thought i would ask it anyway :whistle:
iv got a 55 plate navara and want to fit a towbar, my question is about the electrics, vehicle specific wiring kits, does that literally mean the wiring kit just plugs in to my trucks ecu? if so can someone tell me where, and does anyone have any suggestions on the best towbar and electrics to go for and where to get the best price, i have the chrome step bumper on my truck also, looking for something similar to this towbar. ... 58b184e63c
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Depends on the kit you get I think. When I look at it for mine there was one kit that simply plugged in behind the bumper to create a "T" off the various lighting circuits but if you wanted the 12V supply, etc then you needed an additional kit that took a little more work to wire into the engine bay.
It's to tow a horsebox so is purely for the lights not power supply for a caravan or anything like that, just want to try and get the easiest kit to install if possible
Ok, well for my 10 plate D40 the vehicle kit instructions showed it just plugged into an existing block behind the bumper but then also ran the entire length of the nav to earth in the passenger footwell. Didn't look too bad to put in but as I don't need it yet I haven't done it personally...
The electrics kit on my 07 are just plugged straight into the loom at the back. The easiest bit of auto electrics you'll ever do :thumbright:
My Kit is connected to the rear lights. Put the nav's plug into the adapter, put the adapter into the rear light, repeat on other side, done. Was really easy, even the light on the dash that shows the trailer-indicators works without anything else done.
Hi I have a 2012 nav my trailer socket wiring is playing up (plug and play loom) I need to tow this Saturday can I wire the socket straight to the rear lights??
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