Turbo or accelerator sensor issue?

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Hello. My 2014 manual Tekna seemed to loose the turbo yesterday. Has been fine for the month or so I've had it. But heading back after an 80 mile run it wouldn't accelerate past 20000 ish revs and would slowly get up to a reasonable speed by changing up the gears. No kick down (if that's the correct phrase) at all. No dash lights other than normal. Didn't want to stop and try anything as I had the missus and dog with me so thought I'd best get home. Once on the drive I turned engine off and after 15 minutes tried again and all fine. Any thoughts please. Not too technical though.......

Thanks in advance.
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The truck was a bit sluggish first thing but seemed to improve after a few miles.
I've just taped up the crimped cable for now as giving it a tug didn't show any movement.

Have repositioned the intercooler hose and refitted the jubilee clip which seems to slip at final tightening so will replace that tonight.
There's some oil blowing out of that joint which along with the clip tightening bolt not being visible pointed me in that direction, Is it usual to find oil there?
Thanks in advance for info.
If there are air leaks in turbo intake you will get oil seepage.
Ok. Thanks. How do I check that and where are obvious points for leaks?

The pdf manual I have is very difficult to read as they don't seem to open from index in windows 11.
Just inspect from the turbo around to the intake manifold. If there are any leaks you will see some oil, if no oil on a joint then no leak!
More updates.
Had a good look at the intercooler to see how much oil was in it and to change loose jubilee clip on the lower short hose and noticed a split in the upper one on drivers side. Has put some gunk in and taped it for now, hopefully it'll hold till I get a replacement. Hopefully fund the main issues now.


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That will be the problem, the split doesn't look that much, but as soon as there is 20psi of boost the air will escape!
I thought it might be, coupled with the loose clip letting by on the lower one too.
Should be picking up intercooler hose later today and fitting tomorrow. This code came up while driving around 60mph after trying to accelerate, eml came on too but cleared this morning. If I don't push it the truck just about drives without going into limp mode.
Hoping the new hose will help as my bodge may have failed.
Any thoughts gratefully received though.


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