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Just had a new bathroom fitted in a flat we rent out. Black tiles, white grouting looks ( or did look) great. Tiler puts nice white edge trim along the top edge to finish it off..matches the grouting, very nice. What does the wife do ??..paints the friggin thing black . Paint...on a bathroom !! Why can't they just leave things alone ?. Her other favourites that make me mad...painting the underside edge of coving !!. Painting radiators the same colour as the walls (with emulsion) including trying to do the fins in between on doubles. But of course thats how it should be done..who am I to argue :evil:

I left her too it, too mad to argue. I'm expecting that she's now painted the grouting black as she's a long time coming home !!

Thats my rant for the day !!

OOps she's just arrived lol

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